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Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Once the euphoria of your engagement settles (and rightly so enjoy it as much and as long as you want!), it hits you that there is a wedding to plan!

You may be settling for buying all the glossy wedding magazines out there, settling down with your instagram starting to look at vendors and connecting, looking through the pages and pages of Pinterest pins and slowly the awe of the journey that is required, dawns on you.

That is when it is time to consider a wedding planner.

The average couple spends approximately 13-18 months planning their wedding, but your timeline can vary depending on the vendors you work with and the vibe you want. If you can be flexible with your timeline, you'll have more options when planning.

Then the question of budget creeps up, but why do wedding planners charge what they do. To put it in a nutshell, based on a typical engagement length of 10 to 18 months, couples who are not working with a planner will spend between 200 to 300 hours planning their wedding. That's the equivalent of eight to twelve full days.

As we know, time is luxury. Knowing that that bulk of time needed to plan your wedding can be taken off your hands and meticulously looked after by a professional who has the experience dealing with weddings, is a blessing and a widespread solution.

Everything about MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS is about attention to detail. At the helm of the business is Natalia who has mastered the art of organising, possessing a flair for styling, all things beautiful and understanding clients' needs.

The passion and expertise stemming from years within the luxury industry and event organisation resulted in MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS.

Some of the benefits with hiring a wedding planner is the peace of mind and access to a wide repertoire of wedding vendors to suit every taste and reduce the time to have to search for yourselves and get frustrated with the variety of choice.

As we are fluent in six languages, including English and French, the art of negotiation is much easier handled by a professional who already has the relationship with these professionals.

Some of the highlights therefore of taking on a wedding planner such as MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS include;

  • THE BEST SUPPLIERS: We source the best suppliers whether it be a Michelin star chef, the rarest flowers or innovative ideas for wedding entertainment.

  • VENUE FINDING: Whether you just know what type of venue you want or the venue in question, we can help fit your expectations in your budget and propose innovative suggestions based on your personalities, your likes and dreams.

  • YOUR KICKSTART: Have your own idea of how you would like the wedding or if you are coming to us for inspiration or something else, we are here for you and have a range of ideas from experience.

  • WORLDWIDE SUPPORT: There are no boundaries today with the technology that allows us to be connected with you regardless of where in the world you are.

  • COMMUNICATION: ease of communicating in your language, without having to worry about language barriers and misunderstandings with vendors.

By choosing MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS, you will notice the difference as we bring you an offering that is laced with love, understanding, kindness, and dedication.

We are inspired by the couples we meet to create an event that reflects their unique relationships and visions.

We remove the stress, infuse joy along the way and ensure that your unison is one remembered and celebrated not just on the day, but for many years thereafter.

MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS is your dedicated liaison between all the vendors and you, the bride and groom on the day of the wedding. We are responsible for ensuring that each person in the wedding party (ushers, greeters, etc.) are fulfilling their responsibilities and that guests are being treated properly so that you, the bride and groom can enjoy the day completely stress free.

To contact us, our email is natalia@myrivieraweddings.com and we are available to speak to you in your language, be it English, French, Swedish, Polish, German or Italian, with help in Chinese and Russian also.

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