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Why Consider a Vineyard for Your Wedding

We have all watched the movies, those wonderful romantic movies where weddings take place in idyllic vineyards in Provence or Tuscany, and our hearts yearn for our very own wedding to take place in a vineyard too.

MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS is here for you to choose from the array of beautiful options available to you as wedding venues dotted across France and Italy.

With photography by one of our preferred partners based in Canada, the talented British destination photographer, Tom Powell, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the compelling reasons as to why wine groves and rustic charm might be for you.

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France is spoilt for choice when it comes to vineyards as there are about 27,000 wineries in total and about 110,000 vine growers who own at least one vineyard.

The south of France/Provence area in which MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS specialises in, favours the likes of the 5-star hotel and wedding venue set within a 491 hectare forest, Château de Berne.

Located in the heart of the Provence vineyard region, and known for its white, red and rosé wines in its recognisable square bottles, for weddings, Château de Berne offers elegant reception rooms, high-end services, refined luxury, and enchanting exteriors, including a 500 seat amphitheatre, which will make for a magical and unforgettable experience.

Further up the road not far from the vineyards in Provence is the equally romantic setting of the luxury hotel and fine dining Two-Michelin Star restaurant, Baumanière les Baux-de- Provence.

Perched under the natural beauty of the rocky Baux-de-Provence village, the beauty of this venue is the terrace that can be completely transformed into a garden party of 30-100 guests.

Imagine knowing that there is a wine cellar of 60,000 bottles beneath you with some of France’s best vintages by Château Lafitte and Rotschild!


With the Summers in the South of France reaching high temperatures, best times to consider are before the high Summer so May or June or for amazing lighting, September. End of the day is the most beautiful time for the light, around an hour leading up to the sunset.

After sunset can also have a stunning effect given the right location, with blue hour light as one of our favourite photographers, Tom Powell Photography recommends.

Winter is cold with rich hues of gray, while in Spring the grounds are covered with wildflowers, sunny skies and afternoon breezes. The vineyards themselves also change dramatically throughout the year. If you want that lush green leaf on the vine in the background of your photographs that you probably will not achieve this in March but you can in May.

MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS always recommends checking with the vineyard on permissions for taking photographs in their vineyards or neighbouring vineyards so that you are not left disappointed.

In the south of France the added benefit is the stunning lavender, sunflower, barley and poppy fields that you find dotted around on your way to many of the wineries.


As you are in full nature settings, having the likes of anything to do with fire is something to be mindful about.

Releasing Chinese lanterns as an example or fireworks will most certainly be a no go. There may also be noise restrictions such as no noise after 7 or 10pm depending on the location.

Access can also be difficult as most often dusty roads, sometimes arriving by helicopter a possibility as is with Château de Berne for example.

If there are children coming to the wedding the vineyard may have certain limitations or rules solely for the safety of the children.

Naturally also you will be at a winery so alcohol should be easy, however, best to check as not all have full liquor licenses, only wine and or champagne. Also bringing your own wine or spirits may entail a corkage fee. All can be negotiated and having a wedding planner on hand to help makes the task much easier as they have experience with this.

Limited weather options is another important factor to take into account. If the weather should turn, make sure to have a plan B and be mindful that it could happen which means the setting and photos will be less than expected.


The first advantage is the setting naturally such beauty surrounding you and your guests instantly creates a romantic, idyllic atmosphere where the play of lighting, foliage and sounds of nature caters for a dream opportunity. If you are after precious photo opportunities, then a vineyard is most certainly one to consider.

The charm and elegance factors that entail are limitless and if you wish to have a more formal setting than that of a farm house or field nearby, then a winery is just that.


Usually every vineyard offers its own choice of gastronomical delights perfectly matched to the wine choices through its own facilities and restaurant as well as pastry chefs. Others may also allow for outside catering companies to come in.

All to be discussed with your wedding planner as to what options you would prefer to go for.


Rustic chic and all that matches the beautiful natural environment. Less is more and using traditional crafts, materials and a combination of wild flowers or olive tree and lavender, accents usually please.

There is a natural sea of greenery surrounding so colours and textures that match this are well appreciated. Forest greens, cabernet reds, and oaky browns lend themselves to a warm, romantic wedding day vibe.

Earthy-elegant plates, simple decor, wooden touches, birch tree invitations, perhaps wine bottles as table numbers, and a wine barrel to hold escort cards. Lanterns, candles and utilising products from the land make a vineyard wedding all the more authentic.

Rustic vintage is achieved with beautiful fairy lights or 'guinguette' garland lights as is typical to France, while perhaps using chalkboards and ‘forget-me-not’ wedding favours for guests to add that special something to bring home.



Photographer Tom Powell | Photographer Jérémie Bertrand | Photographer Love Story Box


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