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Wedding Photo Albums - Through the Expert's Lens

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We live in a day and age where technology and online seems to have superseded what used to be, rewind a few decades to paper and print.

There is nevertheless something timeless in a wedding album and it is beautiful to come back to it down the years to reminisce and in time, show your children and great grand children, same as we indulge in looking through our parents' and great grandparents' albums.

We love the luxury of a wedding album that is elegant and captures the most precious moments. That is why we decided to turn to Thomas Audiffren, fine art photographer on the French Riviera to share his insights into this precious keepsake and what couples should bear in mind.

We invite you to immerse yourselves in his beautiful photography and thoughts on the subject.

Why a Wedding Album? Do We Need One?

According to me it's one of the most (and maybe THE most) important wedding memories you will keep. And you can trust me, if your photos are only available in a digital gallery you will not enjoy them as frequently, neither your family.

If you keep your wedding album in your living room, for example, you will admire it and live again this magical day very, very often, maybe each week, you can trust me!

What are the Different Cover Options

My only available option is a grey linen and this is part of my brand image.

Are There Different Page Options

Yes there are and the choice is between 20 and 50 pages.

How Much Does a Wedding Album Cost 

For example a 12x12 inche album with 30 pages printed on a fine art 800 gram rigid paper costs 800 euros.

How is the Album Bound Together 

As an option you can choose a specific box for your album.

How do I Take Care of My Wedding Album

The most important thing is to take care not to expose it to light or humidity. Choose a room without direct sun light and do not keep it in a cellar. More of a reason to keep it close to unveil it from time to time to take you back to your memories.

Does my Photographer Give me Guidance on What to Include to Make it Look Amazing

Yes I propose two main options when it comes to choosing your album photos. You can choose your top 20-30 photos and let me choose the others with guidance on what you prefer (details, portraits, group photos, emotions...)

The other option is that you can do the entire selection if you prefer.

What I recommend is an average of 2 to 3 photos by page. For instance a selection of 80 to 90 photos is recommended for a 30-page album.

What Types of Albums Exist

My only option is an album with 800 grams rigid fine art paper, because according to me, it is the best way to make the photos I take on film truly stand out and make the overall rendering a work of art. The options that exits are size of the album and the number of pages.

What is the Waiting Time

From 3 to 4 weeks generally. Please note that an additional timeframe is to be expected if you order your photo book for Christmas. In this particular case I suggest that you order it early October so as to avoid disappointment.

What are Your Favourite Wedding Album Styles

My ideal album is a 12x12 inch linen album with a white ribbon and fine art rigid paper with a maximum of 3 photos per page, and sometimes only one so that each photo gives you the "wow" effect it deserves.

Thank you very much Natalia for your questions and your amazing work!

Thank you Thomas! Always a pleasure and have a peek at a beautiful photo shoot we did together at the iconic wedding venue awarded 'palace' status in 2019 - the Château Saint Martin & Spa as seen here.

To discuss your photo album requirements contact us or Thomas directly (and do mention MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS):


T: + 33 (0)6 60 24 08 43




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