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Wedding Hair Tips & Information - From a Professional Hairdresser

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Your looks are as important as finding the venue. You will be the star of the day and it is important that you feel amazing. Your hair is your crowning glory and we know just the person for it and sharing invaluable tips.

We turn to Kellee from Kellee's Hair Design, a skilled hairdresser who has had many years of experience when it comes to weddings and understands concerns and common questions brides can have in regards to their hair/makeup and timing for their special day.

Let us cover all wedding hair-related topics and provoke thoughts to help you with your decisions!


Firstly, are you going to have a trial?

A trial prior to your wedding is favourable when possible to ensure you feel comfortable with your chosen hairdresser from a skillset and personality perspective.

You will be spending a very special part of your day with your hair and makeup team, a trial will really help to ensure everything runs smoothly for the big day and you feel your best.

On the day of the trial an in depth consultation is given to ensure the bride feels confident and happy with the chosen look/s as well as the hairdresser who can get the feel of the characteristics of the hair.


  • Are you going to wear a veil? If so, have you thought about the positioning in relation to the hairstyle.

  • Are you going to wear it over your face walking down the aisle? (it’s great if you can bring along your veil to your trial).

  • Do you want your bridesmaids to assist you to take it out later in the day? (this can be tricky, but your hairdresser can guide them).

  • Are you wanting any hair accessories? If so, where would you like them positioned (your hairdresser can help advise on this also). Personally I think accessories and flowers can be a stunning way to add that extra beautiful touch. If you would like real flowers it is great if you can have them wired by your florist.

  • Are you looking to have a second style in the evening? This is often risky and not recommended but it can really depend on the chosen looks and the texture of your hair.


  • What is the style of your dress?

  • Are you wanting your look classic, elegant, bohemian, princess? What is your flavour?

  • Do you like your hair sleek and smooth or more of a natural feel. Note: Even if you like a natural feel it will still involve a strong foundation in order to achieve longevity. Natural looks can actually be just as difficult and need as much time as a more structured look .

  • How much height would you like? Half up, all up… Down, curls/waves/straight.

  • Does your hair hold curl? Does your hair get oily? What about your parting?... Fringe area?

  • Do you need any extensions prior to your day for added length or volume? Clip-in extensions on the day perhaps?

  • How do you feel about your face shape? There are ways we can elongate or shorten the appearance if desired.


It is critical to work through your schedule and make sure the day runs smoothly and is as stress free as possible for you.

Your hairdresser will need to think about timing for your makeup artist and other bridal party members also of course.

Once you have an idea of what you are doing hair-wise your hairdresser can give you a timing estimate and can help work out what time we should get started on your special day.

I have been lucky enough to look after many brides and bridal parties over the years. I feel it is quite special to be involved in those hours leading up to the wedding. I suggest you enjoy these moments by having a little relax and a laugh. Maybe play some of your favourite music, have a wine and a few nibbles if your feeling it. Are you having your photographer there whist you are getting ready? Enjoy these moments.

And finally, just an observation noticed over the years. Most of the time brides are feeling fine on their big day. A bit nervous but nothing awful. It is usually your mother or mother in law that is stressed out or emotional which can trigger you! Ha, take it easy mum :)

90% of the time I have seen this so I just want to share this observation in order for you to enjoy your day as MUCH as possible. Of course everyone is different but it’s very much a strong trend! Every now and then it may be a bridesmaid!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Kellee Macdonald, your English speaking hair expert www.kelleeshairdesign.com



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