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Wedding Gift Etiquette by Sabrina Monte-Carlo

Giving wedding gifts has always been an important event which is looked forward to by the newly married couple. This is a chance for family and friends to show their love, happiness and support towards the newlyweds.

One expert on the matter and the art of decorating for private residences, yachts, luxury offices and private aircraft is Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, founder of the luxury interior design studio and showrooms: 'Sabrina Monte-Carlo' in Monaco.

After a successful career in the fashion industry between the South of France and Miami Beach, Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino has decided to dedicate herself to her long-time passion, interior design.

Combining her knowledge of fabrics with her eye for design, Sabrina has emerged as one of the first decorators to focus on luxury outdoor decor and has little by little expanded her work to interiors.

Drawing inspirations from the effortlessly chic Mediterranean lifestyle, she developed a unique style characterised by elegance, contemporary lines, and vibrant colour schemes.

Sabrina took time out from her busy schedule to answer some of the top questions that arise related to wedding gifts and the etiquette of gifting.

1 | How long do guests have to give the gift?

Up to 1 month after the wedding is considered appropriate. 

2 | Should guests bring the gift to the wedding or send it before or send it after? Do you provide this service?

I think it is much better to send the gift before or after the wedding, this is a service that we provide in our boutiques. 

3 | What about destination weddings?

The better option is to send the gifts at the couple’s home before or after the wedding. 

4 | Do guests need to keep to the registry? How does a registry work?

Following the registry isn’t mandatory, however I can tell from experience that the bride and groom always prefer when guests follow the registry.This way, you’ll be sure to have selected something that they need/like! No faux-pas! 

5 | What is an appropriate amount to spend?

There is no rule regarding the amount you should spend on the wedding gift. Whether it is a thoughtful handwritten attention or an extravagant crystal piece, just remember that it is the thought that counts!

6 | Is it preferable to give a tangible gift versus cash?

I personally think that a tangible gift is better than cash - however it is very common to participate towards a vacation or art pieces "funds".

7 | What are most sought after gifts?

Chinaware, cutlery sets and glassware are definitely a must!

8 | What does Sabrina Monte-Carlo propose as wedding gifts?

We propose any kind of accessories for your home, from chinaware, glassware, cutlery to home decor such as vases, books, sculptures etc... The bride and groom can also select furniture pieces as well as home linen to add to their wedding registry. 

9 | Your all-time favourite wedding gift?

Anything from Lalique is a great option!! I love that Lalique is so timeless, it will never go out of fashion. The pieces remain classics throughout the years and will uplift any interior. 

10 | Having been a bride yourself recently, what was your most cherished gift?

The artwork by my artist and friend: Arik Levy. It now sits in the middle of my garden - I can see it from my bedroom everyday when I wake up! It reminds me of these wonderful memories from my unforgettable wedding! 

11 | What do Monaco brides love to be gifted from Sabrina Monte-Carlo?

Hermès chinaware sets are amongst the favorite pieces, Lalique vases are also very popular as well as the Mood cutlery set by Christofle. 

12 | How can people buy wedding gifts from abroad?

Our wedding registries are accessible through our website (www.sabrinamontecarlo.com) or simply by calling our shop. 

13 | What is the process of buying from you?

The bride and groom will come in for an initial appointment in order to make their selection. Once their selection is final, we update their wedding registry onto our website.

Guests can then buy pieces from the list or simply participate by buying gift cards (also available in all wedding lists).

Once the wedding is over, the bride and groom have up to 6 months to get back to us and review the items that have been bought in the registry.

The items from the registry will only be ordered and delivered once the couple has reviewed the list of participation. They can also decide to change what was originally on the list for different items. 

14 | Is there a trend for gifts this year?

There are no particular trends for wedding gifts. People usually like to gift useful, classic pieces such as glassware, vases or silverware etc… 

15 | What about anniversaries, do you have suggestions for guests to come back and buy for the 1st year, 10th year etc

Guests can definitely come back to our stores for anniversaries. We have a very large selection fo gifts, having worked with the couple, we will be able to advise on their taste and preferences. 

If you are considering a wedding registry with Sabrina Monte-Carlo please mention MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS to benefit from an extra special service.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo Art de la Table & Lalique Monte-Carlo

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39, avenue Princesse Grace

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