• Natalia Langsdale

The Song of Love

A faint song is played in the distance. It is the opening of "All of Me" by Douglas Gamley. Sat at the piano is the most beautiful creation we have laid eyes on. Aleksandra.

Her beauty goes beyond the ambience that surrounds her in this magical villa perched on the hills of Super Cannes, overlooking the Mediterranean sea from every angle of the arched windows.

Her groom, slowly approaches her, a look filled of admiration for the love of his life.

This is true love. This is eternal love in the making. When you know that you are meant to be, the feeling burns on. For this real couple, anything and everything is possible. Their complicity can be felt like electricity in the air.

Aleksandra's bejewelled face in Maison Vitale 1913 Monaco shone ever brighter with her love for Don, and the look of love so fondly grasped our hearts.

When two become one and the world disappears. This is the very essence that was captured by two talented photographers, Jeremie Bertrand and Christophe Serrano.

Donning a classic dress to begin with by Nordic Angels' Marketa Häkkinen, followed by a more contemporary daring rendition by Geraldine Daulon Paris, both looks perfectly complemented this Polish beauty.

The room hushed up as she stepped forward away from the piano to the outdoor terrace with her love. This was their moment. A moment that we wish for all our couples to cherish entirely on their perfect wedding day.

A delicate bridal bouquet accompanied the scene by Dandelions & Grace. As delicate and graceful as our bride, the florals played a key part in the overall ambiance that we sought to achieve.

Other than the setting sun and the ripples of small waves across the terrain, nothing moved but their love for one another.

A magic affair where the rhythm of their hearts played an eternal love song, matching the music that had filled the room earlier with the dainty fingertips.

A choice of private villa is the perfect solution to gather nearest and dearest in an intimate affair, combining a holiday with the wedding. A choice with sprawling gardens like the one we found ourselves in, perfect for holding the blessing outdoors, followed by a reception overlooking the sea and in the company of cicadas of the olive trees.



Wedding photographers Christophe Serrano & Jeremie Bertrand | Hair Kellee's Hair Design | Make up Allure Make Up | Wedding dresses Geraldine Daulon & Nordic Angels | Suit and groom accessories Crisoni Monaco | Jewellery Maison Vitale Monaco | Flowers Dandelions & Grace | Wedding Planner My Riviera Weddings | Venue privately owned villa |

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