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The Perfect Wedding Favours - With Love from the South of France

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A wedding favour is a beautiful gift idea to consider giving your guests as it becomes the last remaining takeaway from your special day.

It is a final opportunity to thank your loved ones and friends for committing their time and money to celebrate you and your partner’s union, even more so when it is a destination wedding and they have had to travel to get there and take time out to spend your wedding with you, often more than just a day, but a weekend or longer.

Besides being a lovely touch, wedding favours are a great way to get creative—and thoughtful, but sometimes finding that perfect gift may seem overwhelming, especially with all the other planning details to consider.

Fret not, for the lovely Lisa of Une Pincée de Provence is here to share some of her amazing advice. Lisa's 'handmade in Provence' gifts are an all-time favourite at weddings, events, congresses and seminars.

We caught up with Lisa to share advice on all that you need to know about wedding favours when marrying in the South of France, how to cater for all of your guests (be it women, men, and children alike) along with the best part, her bridal couples’ (and her own) all-time favour favourites.

So let's get to it! Lisa over to you, unwrap those secrets!



1. VIPs

2. Key Role

3. Main Group

Once you have listed all of your guests into one of the above categories, you will then be able to assign a budget.

Having a budget in mind for each group will make it easier for your wedding planner or gift supplier to help you choose your perfect gift.




When marrying in the South of France, it is a lovely idea to gift your guests with a local keepsake that they wouldn’t be able to find at home.

It's like a practical postcard that brings memories and smiles. Something that they can enjoy time after time again and recall your wedding as well as their beautiful stay in the South of France.

Products made from the local flora and fauna (olives, thyme, rosemary, lavender, lemons…) will compliment your event’s surroundings and moreover is a feel good deed as it will also be supporting local artisans.


A specialist supplier will always have something to suit all kinds of budgets. Individual, quality wedding favours will cost between €3.50-€6.00 a piece.

For guests in key roles or your VIPs, you can build up your gift by placing products in premium bags, baskets or 2-piece boxes.


Most of your guests will be flying without hold luggage so always make sure any gifts you buy are small enough to fit into hand luggage and (if they are liquid) are under 100ml.


The South of France can be very hot in summer so think about when and where you will be offering your gifts. Gifts should never be left where there might be direct sunlight during the day. Chocolate, sweets or nougats should not be left on tables for obvious reasons.



Olive oil is a great choice for when you have a large wedding as it is gender neutral and something most people will use on a daily or weekly basis. It is of course also very much in keeping with the local agriculture. Most suppliers will also be able to personalise your labels for a truly bespoke gift adding that special touch.

For foodies or guests who love to cook, then local Provençal Herbs or ‘Fleur de Sel’ are a great gift idea. Your guests will reminisce about your wedding day for months after as they season their favourite dishes.

Tip from MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS: craft clever thank you cards to accompany salt or spice favours with the likes of: "Thanks for spicing up our special day!”

A Provençal ‘Sirop’ is a great way to introduce your friends to traditional French aperitifs. The Rosé Pamplemousse sirop perfectly compliments the regions’ dry Provençal rosé wine to create a pretty pink sun downer.

Add a dash of sirop to an empty wine glass then pour over your chosen chilled rosé wine, sit back and soak up the sun.

Or for something a bit sweeter, offer your guests a ‘Kir Champetre’ sirop.

Psst little anecdote... Did you know that the Kir, originally from Burgundy, is one of the most popular cocktails in France for the apéro hour? It was named after Canon Félix Kir, who was a hero in the French Resistance during the Second World War.

To enjoy it, simply pour around 10ml into the bottom of a wine glass and top up with chilled white wine or champagne to create (my favourite!) Kir Royale.

Honey is a big deal in Provence and its origin is protected by an AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée and in English, protected designation of origin), in the same way as the region’s amazing rosé wine.

Choose from ‘Provençal Lavender’ or ‘Flower Honey’ for a cute and yummy takeaway that your guests can enjoy on hot toast once they're home.

MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS favourite card phrases for honey are “Meant to bee!” or "Spread the Love"

Mini bottles of spirits can be a fun addition to the tables and offer a regional digestif. ‘Pastis’ is added to ice cold water to create a traditional aniseed after meal drink, or ‘Liqueur de Citron’, France’s version of the world famous Italian ‘Limoncello’ is a sweeter, more palatable tipple.

For guests with a sweet tooth, or for children, local nougat or traditional 'bonbons' are a perfect choice.

And of course, no trip to the South for France would be complete without a lavender gift!

Lavender sachets are not only inexpensive but also added bonus is that they are lightweight for your guests to carry home. They add a wonderful scent to luggage and will last for months once they return home.

Another all-time favourite is traditional soap that has been made in Marseille since 1370. It offers a beautiful takeaway for guests’ bathrooms.

Candles enriched with pure lavender essential oils from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, are a luxurious gift for the recipient to relax and recharge. Your guests will be taken back to Provence by the evocative scent every time they light the flame.

"You've brightened our day, now let us brighten yours" is another MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS' phrase suggestion on the accompanying note.


Une Pincée de Provence provide miniatures of high quality local food, beverage and lifestyle products, each sourced from devoted Provençal artisans. 

To discuss gifts for your South of France wedding we invite you to contact Lisa, mentioning MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS:


+33 (0) 6 79 15 44 46




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