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Spring Wedding Flower Guide with Dandelions & Grace

Continuing with the series of blog posts "By the Professionals Themselves," I am delighted to introduce the amazing English speaking florist on the Côte d'Azur, Claire Lyons of Dandelions & Grace, to share insights to Spring blooms for your wedding.

We personally love Spring on the French Riviera as the wedding season has yet to kick off properly, yet nature with its offerings spoil us with an abundance of colours and are the perfect choice for an uplifting and beautiful special occasion. Your special occasion. Your wedding day!

So let's hand it over to Claire, to voice her fabulous advice and inspire you, as was picked up by French Wedding Style and Something Borrowed Mexico.

I invite you to also discover her beautiful instagram account @dandelionsandgrace and website https://www.dandelionsandgrace.fr


After the chilly winter months, Spring in the south of France brings endless blue skies, warmer temperatures, longer days and nature delights with its blooms.

Choosing the south of France as your spring wedding destination will not disappoint


  • Cheaper venues early season

  • Quieter in general to enjoy the area

  • With May bank holidays and Easter holidays guests can extend their break to a long weekend

  • Weather is warm but not too hot for guests

  • Enjoy outdoor cocktails before an indoor venue for dinner


  • Early Spring, the weather is not guaranteed for an outdoor wedding

From March to May, there is an abundance of Spring flowers to choose from. In fact you are spoilt for choice! Here are Claire's top 7 blooms in season and grown locally.








Early Spring blooms are the sign warmer weather is coming. However these delicate feminine flowers can have a short season, and sometimes just a matter of weeks. If you are keen on a particular flower, then make sure they are in season for your wedding date as prices can rocket if not.

As a florist based in Grasse, renowned as the perfume capital of the world, it is easy to take inspiration from the surrounding countryside throughout the seasons. Early spring brings froths of yellow pompoms of fragrant Mimosa turning the hills golden. This would pair beautifully with a soft gold and yellow colour scheme with touches of white.


Then come the violets with delicate blooms and unmistakable scent grown for the perfume production but also blanketing the countryside with their purple blooms. Using these as inspiration move away from pastel tones to a soft amethyst colour palette with touches of daring inky purple for something different.


Late Spring, the fields around Grasse are awash with Rose de Mai grown for the most celebrated perfume houses in the world including Dior and Chanel.

The ocean of flowers known as the rose with a hundred petals are inspiration to the ever-popular garden bouquet filled with an abundance of flowers giving a ‘just picked’ appearance.


With so many beautiful garden roses available, the colour choices are endless, however a popular Spring look are pale peaches and creams with Spring foliage.


If the classic and ever popular white and green colour pallet is your choice, then May brings lily of the valley and peony season with the benefit of blooms being grown locally. Peonies are an all-time favourite with so many brides, what more is to be said!



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