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Pizza Reinvented - Experiential Gastronomy Made in France

Gastronomy is such a highlight at weddings but who said pizza has to be the "poor" man option for those going upscale but wanting to elevate the gastronomy into something experiential, tasty and tailored!

As South of France and Provence allows for weddings to take place outdoors, why not spice up the much-loved pizza option and go for LaRotella Events for a truly upmarket pizza experience for you and your wedding party.

Mattéo Eriani, the co-founder and business manager of LaRotella Events sums up their offering - the original solution to enjoy top end pizzas at your wedding.

No more pizza trucks! This is pizza to a new dimension.

1 | Are there limitations to the set up

Installable in the garden, by the swimming pool, inside the building of the place of your event or even on a boat, the stand is designed to be modular to meet your exact needs.

With an open air stand, pizza chef extraordinaire, Ugo Berthet prepares your pizzas live in person.

Be it length-wise, in a triangle or as a square, the stand will be set up to blend in as much as possible with your decor. With its wooden covering, a warm, friendly and chic atmosphere is guaranteed!

2 | What is offered

To meet your needs, LaRotella Events offers two services: a service that takes place during your aperitif as an appetizer, or as the main dish of the evening for your meal.

The difference is the quantity.

3 | How it works

Once the type of service selected, you are invited to choose the formula that suits you from a selection of 5 varieties.

The first three formulas:

  • "Vera" with the mozzarella fiordilatte in the Margherita pizza

  • "Diverso" formula and its Parma pizza with raw Parma ham PDO 24 months of aging.

  • "Gastronomia" formula where you can find the famous whole Italian black truffle in the tartuffo pizza.

The above three formulas is a great base to guide you.

If you would like to have more freedom, no problem! With the fourth "Libertà" formula, you choose your very own toppings while keeping to your most extraordinary desires. In addition in this formula, we can complete our offer with desserts, Italian drinks and other dough-based dishes.

4 | Last but not least... For the 'Gastronomy Aficionados' amongst you...

Now this is the one you have all been waiting for. If you want to bring a fun activity to your guests during your event, choose the fifth formula, "Mano Pasta" which allows your guests to cook their own pizza!

No more secrets for your guests, the display, the garnish, the cooking, the cutting of pizzas with the help of kitchen assistant Charlène Rainero, will be done before your eyes. Definitely more entertaining than coming to be served on the stand and to taste!

5 | Who is on the team

It is essential for LaRotella Events to be present and close to you not only during but also before your event. Mattéo Eriani, the co-founder and business manager will be there to guide you.

The team is made up of three team members to offer you their impeccable service. Three Grenoblois, three Frenchies available to travel anywhere in France and even abroad!

6 | Pizza without boundaries

You are going to ask why take French people to make us pizza? The answer is simple: PASSION is stronger than borders.

THE FRENCH GASTRONOMY filled with knowledge, flavors and qualitative products is definitely going to meet your expectations.

To find out more about LaRotella Events, make sure to contact Mattéo and his team mentioning MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS. Instagram page accessible here.

Email: larotellaevents@gmail.com



LaRotella Events

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