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Original Wedding Keepsakes - ARTistic Photography

We love to guide our couples not only on the planning of their wedding, but also the "after the wedding is over" part too with the likes of original keepsakes from their special day.

Moving away from traditional photo albums, we love to share original ideas and one of these is transforming a traditional photo into a piece of art using a specific artistic technique employed by a talented artist.

Maja Kerin-Cosignani does a fine job with this; Bluepineapple Art, aside from her fine art wedding photography Bluepineapple Photo www.bluepineappleart.com.

Known for her authentic and unique style, both when taking CLASSIC PHOTOS or creating ABSTRACT ART, Maja delivers stylish captures.


Photography is Maja's passion and she has loved it for as long as she can remember. But it was after her first daughter was born in 2014 that her love affair with photography was revived again.

She had time to take photography classes in London in order to hone skills and continued teaching herself the art of digital photography when her family moved to Monaco. 


Maja's work can be described as light and airy, which evokes feelings of true romance & elegance. Her approach to weddings is with an artistic eye, combining unique style and excellence.

As a natural light photographer, she provides clients with beautiful fine art imagery that is both classic and timeless.


Maja specialises in intimate luxury weddings and elopements in Paris, Monaco, South of France, Provence, and Italy, Tuscany, Florence, Rome and Venice.


Blue Pineapple's impressionist style of photography often emphasises the colour vibration with a soft and dreamy painterly feel.

Her aim is to fully express the sensations of energy and joy that are felt when looking at the subject.

To overcome the limitations of traditional photography as a medium, and to capture these feelings, Maja uses in-camera techniques of multiple exposure and long exposure, to achieve multidimensionally effects.


1. Where did the idea come from  The idea is to capture the essence of your wedding day with a FINE ART PIECE to represent and to remind you of everlasting memories. 

It is so easy to forget about your wedding album in the drawer or the small framed photograph on the shelf. Having an abstract artwork on your wall will definitely often remind you of your wedding day.

2. What inspired you to start it  The impressionist style of photography I do emphasises the colour vibration with the soft and dreamy painterly feel. The aim is to fully express sensations of ENERGY, JOY and LOVE that are felt on the wedding day. With the abstract artwork I feel like I’m able to capture the truth and tell the real story on a single photograph/artwork. 3. What do couples need to know about the capturing process They just have to be themselves and enjoy the day. I envision the artwork during their wedding day and capture the moment as it happens .  4. Do splashes of colour matter or not relevant.  Not always, it depends on the story and emotions happening in front of the camera.  5. Who do you admire in the wedding industry (photographer) in the wedding industry  I admire Branco Prata, Celine Chhuon & D’Arcy Benincosa but otherwise I’m inspired by Dora Maar and Vivian Maier. 6. How much time is required for the process To overcome the limitations of traditional photography as a medium, and to capture the movement, I uses in-camera techniques of multiple exposure and long exposure. With this technique I try to get the majority of the artwork in-camera, but the time spent after in post production, it really depends on my artistic inspiration.  7. How many photos does a couple get to choose from  If they hire me to shoot a full day wedding they will get around 10 artworks to choose from. These are unique artwork pieces available to order in various sizes and formats. 




Bluepineapple Photo | Bluepinapple Art

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