• Natalia Langsdale

Luxury Wedding at its Finest

There she stood, a fine goddess with her hair cascading around her shoulders, a scene our of any Grecian or Roman account. Her beauty shone like a beacon in the Spring sunshine. Her groom's eyes glistening in awe at the sight as she made her way down to greet the love of her life.

No books, no plays can ever replay that moment that they set eyes on each other in all their wedding livery. A love story so true and intertwined with triplets making this unit a firm one.

The scene replays in or minds, but no instruction needed, for this solid partnership portrayed hat it is that makes a forever after.

Floral patterns of the wedding dress by Geraldine Daulon in her first outfit, mirrored the contemporary bridal bouquet and natural setting of the gardens where, with a little help of some coloured smoke, we re-enacted a scene from an amazon.

The second scene, is one more romantic and flourishes the soothing mood that we encountered between the Australian beauty and there Italian beau.

There's something about out of season weddings that get us very excited, as the blooms are spectacular, the weather still bearable and the opportunity to enjoy a quiet French Riviera far more enticing than high season when the coast is full to the brim with people, noise and the best venues fully booked well in advance.

Trust MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS as your wedding planner to find your best suited venue and organise the big day. Contact us today at natalia@myrivieraweddings.com



Wedding photographers Christophe Serrano & Jeremie Bertrand | Hair Kellee's Hair Design | Make up Allure Make Up | Wedding dresses Geraldine Daulon & Nordic Angels | Groom accessories Crisoni Monaco | Jewellery Maison Vitale Monaco | Flowers Dandelions & Grace | Wedding Planner My Riviera Weddings | Venue privately owned villa

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