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How to Find Your Match With a Wedding Florist

Continuing in the "From the Experts Themselves' series, we decided to turn our attention to the all important florist.

Your florist is like the conductor in the orchestra for decoration. Without them, and their talent, there is no soul at your wedding. Find the right florist and everything simply falls into place.

Florists who specialise in weddings set the scene for the look and feel of your wedding day so it is important that you make the right decision when choosing them to keep the theme blossoming.

We invited the talented Japanese-born florist Sachiko Katsurada Smith at Sachi Flowers, based on the French Riviera to shed some light on what to look out for.

With her wealth of knowledge working with weddings, yachts, congress events and private villa decorations, Sachiko with her unique style and expertise, has some great pointers for you.

Scroll down to the end of this post to download a handy questionnaire we have compiled for you that you can use as a guide for when you meet/speak with your wedding florist.

Wedding flowers are very personal and need to be special and unique for each couple, so the most important thing for florists to know is what the wedding theme will be, the colour/type of flowers and style the couple like.

When looking for a florist it is important to find one who matches your style or who has lots of variety and can improvise to meet the couples needs. Another important thing is to find a florist who listens, is personable and engages with creative decisions.

It is a very good idea to create a mood-board (ie.Pinterest) of flower decorations that show the style you like and then it’s down to the details, which couples tend to oversee.

Here is a list worth noting down one by one to consider:

  • Bridal bouquet

  • Bridesmaid bouquet(s)

  • Buttonhole(s)

  • Flower bracelet

  • Flower crown(s)

  • Flower petal confetti

  • Ceremony flowers (arch, altar decoration, pew flowers, big arrangements)

  • Cocktail space decoration

  • Wedding reception table flowers

  • Welcome board

  • Table seating board

  • Vehicle decoration

  • Etc…

The next step is deciding on the quantity of items you will need. It is difficult to think of how many table decorations you will need but florists can give suggestions based from their experience once they have table measurements/budget etc.

Flowers are seasonal so it is important to bear this in mind when choosing your wedding day and the flowers you like.

Most flowers can be found all year round in the South of France however there are a few exceptions ie. the gorgeous Peonies.They are very popular but only available between April and June/July so if you really want to have peonies on your wedding then you need to choose this season.

There are always other options available if your preferred flowers are not in season so it’s best to ask your florist for advice.

Working so closely with the wedding couple to help make the perfect wedding becomes a personal journey together and Sachiko often become good friends with her clients.

Knowing what the dress looks like, or special surprises for the family and guests that no-one else knows gives the couple someone they can turn to, forming a two-way bond that really helps to create the perfect wedding experience.


MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS has compiled a series of questions for you to consider asking your wedding florist, split into three categories.




We hope that you find it useful! Download the document below.



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