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Behind the Wedding Scenes With Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

My Riviera Weddings were fortunate enough to work with the attentive team of professionals dedicated to weddings within the Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer in Monaco.

I'd like this opportunity to share insights on the perfect wedding celebration in Monaco and introduce you to Michaela Gustafsson, Celebrations Sales Manager at the group, who together with the Communications team, took great care to outline what makes Monaco the perfect place for your nuptials, be it for large celebrations or intimate elopements, regardless of taste or style.

1 | What attracts couples to marry in Monaco and especially within your group?

Monaco has for decades been known worldwide as a prestigious destination at the heart of luxury. The Principality offers a variety of possibilities when it comes to event celebrations; from glamorous, intimate confidential to full-on show off or historical settings.

First and foremost it attracts its clientele for the safety aspects and security where truly guests can feel safe and where the climate is favourable from April well into the end of September and often into October too.

The Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer (Monte-Carlo SBM) is a top class resort consisting of several different establishments under one single roof (hotels, casino, spa, restaurants...). As a leading player in Monaco, with an established savoir-faire and a talented team, constantly providing excellence, it relishes in surprising its guests by always reinventing itself.

2 | With a variety of various Société Bains de Mer establishments to choose from, which is the sweetheart of couples planning to marry?

This depends vert much on the profile of the clientele, the number of guests, the program and the duration of the stay.

For a ceremony oozing nature and serenity, the Mediterranean gardens of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is a well-loved choice or for a gala type wedding dinner, the Salle des Etoiles, Belle Epoque, Salle Empire prove excellent choices.

3 | Have you had to adapt to the pandemic and if so, how?

Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer have had to adapt to the pandemic without compromising on service and excellence by catering for smaller, more intimate weddings to respect the capacities of our spaces versus physical distancing that is today a requirement.

Both the food and beverage proposals and service have adapted, with a tendency to respect hybrid weddings.

4 | What recommendations can you make for a couple wishing to marry in Monaco with an intimate elopement style wedding?

Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer caters for tailor made proposals depending on the program, the final number of guests and the wishes of the bridal couple (be it a sea-side set up, a classic Monte-Carlo themed wedding or other).

We can propose a romantic dinner on the pontoon at Monte-Carlo Beach, a discreet ceremony by the Place de la Fontaine or exchange of vows poolside at the Princess Grace Diamond Suite followed by dinner, in accordance with number of guests.

5 | What is the minimum and maximum capacity in your venues?

The maximum capacity for a sit down event is 950 guests and there is no minimum - we can adapt to all formats/type of celebrations.

6 | What is Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer most proud of in their wedding offering?

Being able to adapt to ALL requests, which includes our large numbers of indoor and outdoor venues and their different styles, adapting to cultural traditions (eg. Indian or Jewish weddings...).

The group offers truly unique and prestigious venues that are not only part of so much heritage and steeped in history, but allows our bridal couples to allow them to write their very own.

7 | Which suite is the all-time favourite for bridal couples and why?

Our splendid sea view suites with balcony where bridal couples are able to enjoy a truly breathtaking view over the Mediterranean Sea. Such suites can be found in all of our four hotels.

8 | Does the Group respect sustainability when it comes to weddings?

We do our maximum to respect sustainability at all levels and all year long. Each of our four hotels are Green Globe certified, a deep-rooted commitment of the Principality and further details pertaining to this can be found here https://www.montecarlosbm.com/en/go-sustainable.

We also support our suppliers in their "green" approach by for example reusing flowers, etc.

9 | Are there any hidden favourites that you personally would like to recommend to couples?

A rare gem hidden beneath the Hôtel de Paris is the opportunity to visit its Wine Cellar. It is the largest hotel wine cellar in the world with 400,000 bottles of remarkable fine wines and where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

10 | Can you describe a fact or anecdote that bridal couples may not necessarily know about your establishments?

Sir Winston Churchill loved Monaco and stayed there regularly. As early as 1945, he acquired his habits at the Hôtel de Paris, where he came regularly for the end of the year celebrations. Often he would sit on the balcony of his suite to paint, fresh out of his bath and in his dressing gown.

In fact, it was in 1945, in honour of Churchill, that some very strange work took place in the basements of the Hôtel de Paris ...

Indeed, during the war, the wine cellar of the Hôtel de Paris was partially walled up, to protect the wine-growing gems it held from the occupying forces. From the end of 1945, it was decided to celebrate the end of the war by demolishing the wall that had been erected a few years earlier, to once again give access to its treasures made of wines, champagnes and other exceptional liqueurs. This is how Churchill was the first in years to taste an exceptional pre-war whiskey. It is undoubtedly to this anecdote that, a few years later, he owed his title of Cellar Master honoris causa !

Villa La Vigie

The Société des Bains de Mer also has a little gem for the most privileged: the Villa La Vigie, camped on the promontory overlooking the Monte-Carlo Beach, in Roquebrune - Cap-Martin.

The villa, which stands in a large wooded park, offers its guests elegant bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms spread over an area of 600 m². Its 237m² terrace runs alongside the building to offer a breathtaking view of the bays of Monaco and Cap-Martin.

One of the most loyal customers was Karl Lagerfeld, who spent ten summers there in a row.

My Riviera Weddings would like to thank Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer for their time and trust in answering these questions. As Celebration Partner at Monte-Carlo Société Bains de Mer, for any enquiries regarding your upcoming celebration in Monaco, both My Riviera Weddings and Société Bains de Mer would be delighted to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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