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At Your Fingertips - Beauty Advice for Wedding Nails

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

For some, beautifying fingertips is very low on the priority list when it comes to your wedding day list of to do's.

With so many preparations to consider, it comes to no surprise but, we are all about pampering and ensuring our brides feel and look amazing, right down to the fingertips.

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The perfect manicure therefore for us plays an integral part of the package. It may not come as a surprise that your hands are the focus point of attention. Photographers love a perfectly manicured hand for closeups of the ring and your hand clasping that of your husbands.

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That is why we turned to the lovely Agnès Doussot, of Agnès Doussot Makeup & Manucure at Home to share expert advice on all that is hands and nail care, to the best colours and techniques.

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The choice of a beautiful manicure is a detail not to be overlooked, to bring confidence in yourself, for your special day.

Not to mention, that your hands will be in those of your husband's, it should not be forgotten that everyone will reach for your hands, to get a peek of your sparkly wedding ring.

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Wedding nails are as important as beautiful makeup, or a beautiful hairstyle.

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Ideally, it should therefore be planned in advance, just like the other beauty services as it allows to:

• Make your choice of which technique you would like to go for (classic varnish, semi-permanent, gel ...). Knowing which technique is primordial for a perfect manicure that respects the quality of your nails on the day as well as beyond your wedding day.

• Take care of your hands beforehand, hydration of your hands should not be neglected.

• Offer yourself the opportunity for a relaxing session with your bridesmaid(s).


A month before your Wedding Day take care of your nails by following the below beauty routine.

  1. Do a scrub using a face scrub (much softer than a body scrub) or a specific nail and hand product. Do not forget to insist on the cuticles to avoid small dead skin around nails to make them nice and soft.

  2. Follow with a mask and leave on for ten minutes. Various kinds exist such as in the shape of gloves, or just coat hands and nails with a rich cream that you can leave on overnight with cotton gloves. Process to be renewed the day before the wedding too.

  3. Remember to nourish the edge of your nails with an oil, or cuticle cream


Whichever one you choose, ban XXL nails, and shorten the nails (much more sober, elegant, and much more trendy).

Classic varnish: probably the most risky technique. Even on good quality nails, the hold and the shine remains compromised. A technique to use truly in an emergency only, and definitely the day before the wedding, not earlier! • Gel / false nails: Suitable for bitten or very damaged nails. Very long-lasting. It will be necessary to plan the session during the week prior to the wedding, and especially think about the after. Filing, or removal by a professional is mandatory, not to be done yourself to save your nails. • Semi-permanent varnish (gel varnish): The technique Agnès recommends which is ideal in her opinion. To be planned a week before the wedding. The hold and shine is a good compromise between the above two techniques and removal can be done alone at home, following a simple protocol that will respect the quality of your natural nails.

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Be attentive to “less is more.” You will also need to take into account the colour of your dress, your theme, flowers and skin tone.

Hence why taking the time to make a decision is key as different trials are possible to see what you prefer and what will work and look the best on you.

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  • The entire palette of Nudes, beige, pinkish beige, white, opaque or transparent for more finesse.

  • Opt for lacquered or matte colors and above all avoid iridescent or pearly on ridged nails.

  • The more daring brides will choose a red or coral for a touch of timeless glamour. Covetable cobalt blue (for that something blue touch), burgundy or matt grey manicures have also been a trend.

  • The French manicure, considered “has been” for some, but it remains a safe bet, if it is impeccably done, and is the finest and most elegant.

  • Regarding nail art, do not forget that it is subject to a trend. Your marriage is timeless, so it is better to do without. If you cannot and are adamant about nail art, opt for a few things that are simple and remain as sober as possible. For example a few touches of glitter on a nail will be the best ally.


Remember if you are going on your honeymoon after, you may expose your hands and nails to chlorine and extreme sun, so make sure to have copious amount of sunscreen and hand lotion with you at all times.

As with any new product or beauty treatment please do make sure to test appropriately, well in advance of your wedding day, for any potential adverse reactions.

For a personal consultation, contact Agnès at Agnès Doussot Makeup & Manucure.



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