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A Twist to Your Usual Wedding Bar

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Who doesn't love a wedding where there are amazing, bespoke options to keep you and your guests well provisioned on not only delicious classics, but also with surprise drinks.

Depending on the restrictions of your chosen venue, there is also the possibility of listing the services of a mobile bar.

As well as a feast to fuel your dancing feet aside from the food, this is a unique way to serve up your drinks, both after the ceremony and post lunch or dinner.

Much like food trucks, you can hire mobile vendors that specialise in your favourite beverages, from cocktails, cider, to beer to champagne and prosecco. Aside from serving your guests in a fun way, it's a great source of entertainment and decoration from our experience.

You may also be considering supplying your own wine and bubbles - please do check with your venue first that this is an option, and if it is, what the associated corkage charge might be. It can be a great way to stretch your budget and ensure that you serve your favourite brands.

We know of just the right person for it if you wish to consider such an option, and that is James from the Caravan Concept. With his gorgeous 1970s converted mobile bar and a bubbly personality to match his stock of bubbles, you'll be sorted on your special day in the South of France!

We'll let James take over and demonstrate what his take on the winning recipe to your wedding drinks success should be, mobile-bar style!

My aim with the Caravan Concept is to provide the perfect serve for your special day. We assist and provide a custom cocktail menu as well as full bar service.

Our couples absolutely love the signature his and her cocktails that we make.



For me the perfect selection of wedding drinks and cocktails has to balance and keep the day flowing. I like to start off with stunning simplicity of a great gin and tonic as we welcome your guests. Nice and refreshing and the perfect way to get in the mood for a splendid day.

Post ceremony it is all about the toast. Champagne, syrups and delightful garnishes. Adding that little splash of elegance to those first married moments.

As the afternoon stretches on and the drinks start to flow over dinner, wine is king.

Rosé flows like water, this is the South of France after all.


As the speeches come to an end it is time to party. Desert cocktails are a great way elevate the mood and get the party going. Espresso martini are always a firm favourite to kick it up a gear.

And as the music plays the night begins, the bride and groom signature cocktails keep the guests happy and the mood lively.

The perfect mix all balanced in harmony.

Just like the bride and groom.

From here on it the party has started. The music plays, the drinks flow and memories are made by all.

And in the background of all of this sits the caravan doing the job it was made for. Making the special day even more perfect.


A Tom Collins (or a variation) 


Just 3 parts

Gin  Sugar  Lemon

Such a classic but it is very adaptable and my advice is to choose a gin with a specific base flavour, floral, citrus. Sugar syrup can be flavoured to a theme, lavender, lemon. It is very refreshing and when made properly can be drunk all day without difficulty.

Gin and Tonic or the afternoon Spritzer. I am a firm believer in Whiskey Sours at the end of the day.


For its adaptability, Gin as it has such a large range of base flavours and undertones, it can easily be manipulated to meet the clients ' needs. 

For something different I like to play with the liquor and spritz element. Everyone likes a little bit of the bubbly. Why not add a few fresh ingredients and a beautifully tailored liqueur and have a modern take on a classic recipe?!

Finally, a good spiced rum. With the notes of vanilla and caramel creeping through, it can add a little extra to any drink.


To run smoothly there is a little back work to it behind the scenes. 

First and foremost is choosing drinks with the clients.

Part of the package includes a tasting session with the clients' 5 initial cocktail ideas, narrowed down to 3 and finally tweak to make a perfect selection of signature cocktails.

On the day itself we arrive a few hours before the guests. We position the caravan in a pre selected location and start to setup (if you have a florist appointed to decorate the caravan this too needs time to be done, otherwise we can decorate the caravan ourselves with our preferred florists' help at an extra small cost):

  • Glassware 

  • Alcohol 

  • Ice

  • Ingredients 

Then as guests arrive, we serve the welcome drinks and the day rolls forward from there.

And that, my readers, is how we get the perfect mix together to make your wedding one to be remembered, vintage style, one ingredient and one chin chin at a time!

Give me a shout if you wish to discuss your needs further, and make sure to mention MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS when getting in touch.


+33 (0) 7 83 70 24 51



The Caravan Concept | Rowan Smith Photographer | Sachi Flowers

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